"La Caixa" junior leader postdoctoral fellow

New avenues in cosmic-ray physics and dark matter searches


About me



I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto de Física Teórica UAM/CSIC in Madrid.


I am fascinated by the connections between astronomy, fundamental physics and cosmology.


I study several unresolved problems in the field of theoretical astroparticle physics: the nature of the dark matter, the origin of cosmic rays and the physics of cosmic-ray transport.


I am part of the CTA consortium as deputy coordinator of the cosmic-ray science working group.

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My research group is funded by "La Caixa" (grant LCF/BQ/LI18/11630014)

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Scientific goals


Dissect astronomical and cosmological data as portals to understand fundamental physics and the nature of the elusive dark matter that permeates the Universe. 

Key research lines:

  • Use future precision measurements of gravitational wave emission to explore the properties of the dark matter and search for new physics.  Check out this white paper.


  • Look for signatures of particle dark matter annihilation or decay in charged cosmic-ray and gamma-ray data. Disentangle dark matter and astrophysical interpretations of anomalies in the data. Check out this review paper.


  • Understand the origin of cosmic rays and the physics of cosmic-ray transport in the Galaxy by analyzing multi-messenger data: charged light nuclei, antiparticles, non-thermal radiation, neutrinos. The final goal is to understand the microphysics of the interactions between charged particles and the turbulent magnetized plasma that fills the Galactic disk. Check out this review talk at TeVPa.

  • I am part of the DRAGON team and I develop DRAGON and gammaSky, a comprehensive suite of numerical tools designed to simulate CR propagation in the Galaxy



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Credit: DESY/Milde Science Communication